Warm air curtains RM 12

Air curtains "STIGLER" have optimal design that enables high air flow and low noise. The air curtain is in a metal box with exceptional protection, easy to install and simple to maintain.
High durability and reliability
Curtain's turbine is made of industrial plastic with fiberglass fan. Fan is resistant to corrosion and intense oil fumes. German engine technology allows 5000 hours of uninterrupted and reliable operation.

Built-in heaters with passing airflow and PTC (positive temperature coefficient control) do not transmit electricity to the body (casing) and thus short circuits are prevented even under very high humidity conditions.

Air Curtain has a microprocessor that controls programmed delayed power-off of heater which allows gradual cooling of the heater and prolong his life. Built-in thermal protection protects the heater from burning out.
The curtain has an engine, two turbines and two speeds. Curtains allow mounting to a height of 3 m.

High efficiency, low energy consume, no electrified, wind obstruction PTC heating parts. "Auto start" even at temperatures of -18 °C.

An important innovation in these curtains is to regulate power of the heater allowing reduction of energy consumption, ie. improved energy efficiency.
Easy operation
Infrared remote control, automatic changing between cold and warm wind. With the remote control you can control consumption and manage the air flow.
Application of these curtains are in business establishments like restaurants, bars and the like, where it is needed to maintain the internal temperature of the object during the winter months.

All models have a safety at work and environmental protection certificate as well as all the necessary international certificates.
Technical parameters
Model Length
Dimensions [WxH]
RM 1210S-3D/Y3G 1000 380 <180 2 4 6 35-45 2,5-3,0 9,5 1200 55-57 195x265 15
RM 1212S-3D/Y3G 1200 380 <200 2,7 5,3 8 35-45 2,5-3,0 9,5 1500 56-58 195x265 17
RM 1215S-3D/Y3G 1500 380 230 3,3 6,7 10 35-45 2,5-3,0 9,5 1900 57-59 195x265 21
RM 1218S-3D/Y3G 1800 380 300 4 8 12 35-45 2,5-3,0 9,5 2400 58-60 195x265 24
RM 1220S-3D/Y3G 2000 380 <330 5 10 14 35-45 2,5-3,0 9,5 2800 61 195x265 31
Wiring diagram